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Content can be updated from any PC, handheld device or phone from anywhere in the World.

Multimedia elements include Video Playback, Audio Tracks, Animations, RSS feeds and interactive features.

Unlimited email accounts and secure webmail access for you and your associates.

Online forms for customer contact and site survey’s.

Useful for gathering product feedback.

Mini Web Sites

Smaller websites for individuals, the self-employed and clubs and social groups. Normally containing 1 - 6 pages and typically comprising a Home Page, Find Us (including a Google Map), Contact Us (including a Contact Form), About Us, Information Page and Terms & Conditions. Pages will be customised to reflect your chosen theme and logo’s and can include Multimedia content, Photo Galleries, Social Network links and links to embedded documents and files.

Business Websites

Larger web sites for businesses marketing a range of products and services. In addition to the usual Company and Contact information, business sites normally contain product lists, price lists, image galleries, service details and promotional offers, all of which have to be updated on a regular basis. Using our Content Management system this can be done by the owner at any time from any PC anywhere in the World.

E-Commerce Websites

Web sites for businesses that wish to sell products on-line. From simple Buy Now Buttons and Mini Carts to full blown retail shopping carts, your web site can be tailored to fit your budget. Fully integrated within the web site theme, product display’s are bright and informative and ordering is made as easy as possible for your customers.

Easy to use Content Management System Selection of Multimedia Elements Unlimited Email Accounts with Webmail

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